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Same lies, new look

Doesn’t it look great? Thanks to Vinicius Depizzol that started it some time ago and Tom Tryfonidis who finished it (and I’m just getting the credit :) we have a new amazing-looking theme for our beloved Damned-Lies!

If you happen to meet any of them, be sure to thank them!!

Even the stats look so great:

Don’t you feel an urge to start translating just for the sake of browsing it? :)

Again, thanks to Vinicius to start it and Tom to make it happen!

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Mark some gnome-love in Damned-Lies

Wonderful news for Damned-Lies, and hence by you all dear translators!

Some days ago I was approached by a teacher at Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte which plans to make his students work on Damned-Lies!

So he needs small bugs that his students could be able to tackle. So pretty please, submit bugzilla reports, or leave a comment if you are lazy, and mark them with gnome-love.

Hopefully new contributors will be born and Damned-Lies will increase its quality and make translators more productive :)

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GUADEC gift to translators: Cantarell fonts!

I just updated to use Cantarell, so it gets pretty just before GUADEC :)

Mandatory screenshot:

I just became the new maintainer of Damned-Lies1, so as I don’t feel too confident on my Django skills I will try to keep it alive and make it even more and more useful. I have plenty of ideas which some will be discussed at my talk at GUADEC, be sure to come! (Andre I’m looking to you ;)

Anyway, see you all at GUADEC!!

  1. Thanks Claude for all the hard work!
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Improvements on Damned-Lies

After the always good Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin and having a well deserved holidays afterwards I’ve already back at home from Germany.

And since I have still some days left I started working on fixing one missing feature on Damned-Lies:

Word Counting

As of now we have already working word countings on D-L, a bug opened on 2003!!1.

These means that all translators will now more precisely how much effort does it take to translate a module. This is even more useful on documentation, where 1729 strings from the new Evolution documentation sure are quite a few strings, like for example Anjuta UI (which has 1985 strings), but a quick look of how much words each have reveals a huuuge gap between them: 22645 words for Evolution and 7802 words for Anjuta.

I expect that when we start showing word counts on D-L UI translators will have more data to better organize their efforts towards translating GNOME.

I’m already fixing/improving other areas and hopefully I will blog about them soon :) If you have any particular bug/feature missing on Damned-Lies please leave a comment or file a bug!

  1. On the UI front we are still discussing where to show them, you are more than welcome to add your opinions to the bug created for that
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